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Top 10Private jets to hire

The grand, grand father of Private jet charter as we hear them referred to so often nowadays, was introduced to the world in WW II in august 1939. Erich Warsitz flew a Heinkel He 178 in Germany. That plane was jet of course, but far way from the image we actually have now about private jets. Although many people credit Germany for the first development of a turbojet powered aeroplane, it was the British Royal Air Force officer name Frank Whitte who designed, patented, and built the first turbojet engine, and as such is held as the father of jet propulsion.

Jet powered aeroplanes were faster, much less noisy in the cabin and cockpit, and as such reducing nervous tension for passengers. Realizing the huge advantages a jet powered aeroplane held over its propeller driven counterparts, plane manufacturers started to develop new products immediately after the end of WW II. This development phase led in 1949 to the start of the exploitation of the commercial jet airliner, the de Havilland Comet. However, there were still requirements from the mega-rich customers to fly privately, and their needs had to be considered. That would bring about the start of the private jet industry.

In the 1960s through to the 1970s the first dedicated business jet was produced. The Lockheed L-1329 JetStar. With 10 passenger seats it was one of the largest for that time. The manufacturers have not stopped developing since, so today there are some quite amazing private jets on the market, and new cutting edge features keep popping up like mushrooms. In the cabin, luxuries like satellite telephones, flat screen videos screens, separate bedrooms, office space, bathrooms, WiFi and many more are becoming commonplace. Private jets tend to pioneer aircraft interior innovation years before airlines implement them to their first class products. Equally on the flight deck private jets benefit from many military innovations like Head Up Displays (HUD) and other advanced avionics years before airliners have them fitted, if they ever do. The question is what is coming next?

The choice of Private jet charters is so huge now, that some times people can get confused trying to choose the appropriate plane for their journey. Thankfully, on the market are highly qualified companies like Aeris Charter, a private jet charter broker with worldwide connections. They are ready to help in all matters from the booking to travelling process, not just the selection of your aircraft. A good broker such as this will provide guidance on everything from where to stay at your destination to obtaining a pet visa. Using passengers’ and aircrew experiences we are able to bring you “The Top 10 private jets to hire”.

For the purpose of this survey we have included turboprops and separated the types of private jets into the following categories: Turbo Props, VLJs, Light Jets, Midsize Jets, Super Midsize Jets, Global jets, Heavy jets and Corporate airliners.

We are starting with the smallest in our list Phenom 100 which is in the VLJ category.

This beautiful private jet came about as a result of the collaboration of Embraer, a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer and BMW Group Designworks USA. The team work of these companies produced ergonomically designed seats, a glass cockpit, and one of the quietest cabins in its class. The Phenom cabin has a refreshment cabinet large enough for a comprehensive spread of hot and cold drinks, and snacks. The Phenom 100 has the largest cabin and windows in its category and is fitted with four seats, making the in-flight experience very comfortable indeed. What is more The Phenom sets a new standard in VLJs as it has a private lavatory with a solid door. This new direction in the development of VLJs reflects the reality of customer expectation and allows for full comfort and piece of mind on even the shortest journeys. Incidentally, most types of VLJs do not have a lavatory, or if there is one it is separated from the rest of the cabin by curtains, not my idea of privacy really.

We cannot praise the design of the Phenom without mentioning the baggage compartment, the largest in the class. The compartment is spacious enough for golf bags or ski equipment. All these features are making the Phenom 100 a preferred mode of transport for weekend vacations and quick business meetings.

Next in our line up of top is CJ3 in the category Light jets. CJs were always very innovative and CJ3 is proving that again. CJ3 is extension of CJ2 which in turn is an extension of the CJ1. The cabin comes with six seats in its standard configuration. The aircraft is faster compared with previous CJs, and can fly farther. Not last is the ability of the plane to take off and land on runways as short as 970m, which can save time as it gives you the chance to be closer to your ultimate destination.

As we take the tour of top 10 featured aircraft further we will be reviewing another Cessna stable mate, the Citation X, a midsize jet. In the second part of this list we will be presenting seven more remarkable airplanes in our efforts to help make your choice easier next time you fly.

End of part one……

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